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    Joxasa Founder John Xavier Sanders 

    Layers of Leather

    Joxasa is a brand that knows and appreciates high quality leather. Each cuff, bag, and bracelet is carefully crafted from the finest Italian leather. Each bracelet consists of two layers of leather; the inside layer that sits on the wrist is a combination of soft deerskin and suede for wearable comfort, while the top layer is an intricately designed piece of leather that shows off the artwork that goes into every piece of jewelry.

    One of a Kind

    Because each piece of fine Italian leather is specially ordered in small quantities and hand cut down to size, you’ll rarely find two bracelets that are exactly the same. Every piece is hand stitched and handcrafted; you won’t find any duplicates or mass-produced replicates at Joxasa. Each piece is designed to be 100% unique.

    Although, we like the idea of each piece being completely unique, special orders are welcome. For example, matching bracelets make for creative gift ideas, or for those individuals that prefer to wear a cuff on each wrist we will gladly do our best to replicate the same cuff twice. However, unless specifically requested, every piece of jewelry is made as it’s own unique piece of art.

    Many of the Joxasa bracelets are made entirely out of leather, however, some feature antique jewels, vintage adornments, and brass or distressed metals. Most of these beautiful bracelet additions are rare or repurposed pieces of jewelry, and only found in vintage stores. Between the hand cut Italian leather and the vintage metals, each of the bracelets made by Joxasa is completely original and is almost impossible to duplicate. You can only own a great piece if you’re lucky enough to find a great piece, and Joxasa makes every piece great, but only makes it once.

    One Size Fits All

    Even though each Joxasa bracelet is one of a kind, each piece is made to fit both men and women. The bracelets come standard with 3 adjustable snaps, so they will fit most wrist sizes comfortably. Although some of the cuffs are designed for either men or women in mind, most of these bracelets are unisex and can be worn by anyone with any type of style. Joxasa cuffs may be made to be one of kind, but they can be worn by anyone for any occasion.

    Get Your Custom Cuffs

    You don’t want to wait when it comes to purchasing a Joxasa cuff. Whenever a bracelet is bought and sold, the chances are that you will never get the opportunity to own that exact design again. Stay up to date on Joxasa news, and shop the full collection regularly so you never miss out on the opportunity to own the perfect custom cuff. And remember, we welcome special orders, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a design in mind for your own custom cuff.